Nov 17, 2018

A Class Club Championship heat 8 17/11/2018

Winds from the NW -W -W SW as the day progressed.  The light winds suited the two Venoms who we hard to beat. Thanks to PRO Rosco Bennett and Boatman Bruce Robins, who kept the day rolling despite some very difficult and frustrating conditions.

Setting a course which resembled a race course was taxing to say the least. Rosco and Bruce did a good job of positioning the course to allow racing.

The morning dawned with a thick layer of smoke in the air from a controlled burn somewhere up the coast. Visibility was attrocious, and we were hoping that a decent wind would come along and blow the smoke away. Not to be! Fortunately, there was plenty of high growing weed banks in the water which meant that the course had to be set close to the shore. Unfortunately, bits of the weed were breaking off and we were doing our best to catch the weed and bring it back to shore.

Our Captain, Rob Mews showed the way today sailing Richard Fielder's Venom Sail # 50 to the top step on the podium just ahead of Glenn Dawson with Roger Paul filling third place.

Interesting comparison today between the Swords and Venoms. It was apparant that the Venoms were fast in the light winds. They were also much more manouverable than the Swords, having up to 4kgs less in weight to carry around. They accellerated better out of tacks and picked up quickly when a bit of breeze fluttered by.


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PosNameSail No.TotalNett
1MEWS, RobertAUS 5030.020.0
2DAWSON, GlennAUS 7633.023.0
3PAUL, RogerAUS 8637.026.0
4ROBERTS, DentonAUS 6547.037.0
5GREEN, JeffAUS 9560.046.0
6BELL, HubAUS 7075.059.0
7SHERRIFF, IanAUS 4097.081.0

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